Hi, I'm Tada.

Amongst many things I'm a POC (Japanese), body-centred therapist (certified as an Expressive Arts Therapist), big thinker, and radical entrepreneur.

My passion is helping social justice communities cultivate allyships founded in the principles of healthy relating: mutual nourishment, emotional self-responsibility, and wholehearted consent.

My approach is founded on two core understandings:

1. The true face of oppression, from patriarchy to colonialism is energetic dis-ease that affects our embodied self-concept, which in turn expresses itself as a systemic issue. True healing of social trauma requires us to work on the level of the body.

- and -

2. Oppressive dynamics such as sexism and racism cause unnecessary suffering and violence by acting as amplifiers for repressed emotions from childhood and ancestral trauma. This is why truly transformative social justice work must be based in nurturance.

If the above statements resonate with you and you are ready to dive deep into this work, I would love to connect. I am available for speaking, interviews, consultation and group allyship coaching. 

Contact me

Please e-mail info@selfishactivist.com

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