I offer coaching and consulting services to healers, business owners, organizers, and other changemakers through an emergent practice often referred to as cultural somatics or cultural somatic therapy.

Broadly, cultural somatics is the practice of consciously facilitating the co-healing of individual and cultural bodies, through the principles of trauma-informed body-centered healing.

Here are some tasks and challenges that cultural somatics can help you with:

  • Understanding how to work with oppression as trauma
  • Building authentic relationships across race, culture, gender, ability, and other identities
  • Developing radical spiritual practices, including ancestral healing
  • Facilitating trauma-based restorative group processes
  • Building radical businesses
  • Healing Burn-out
  • Navigating call-out culture

If you are interested in working with me, below are more details about my rates and links to my booking app.


All sessions are 60-75minutes

  • Therapists/healers in private practice: $125-150 
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are sustaining: $150-200
  • Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations that are thriving: $200+

NOTE: These rates are for people who have practices or jobs that are financially sustaining. If you are in a different situation, such as being a student or being between work, please still feel free to book a consultation or e-mail me at I would be totally happy to work out an alternate rate if it seems like we are a good fit otherwise!

Accountability Statement and Protocol for Relationship

Before you book me for a session, I would like to ask you to read:

  1. A statement on how I hold accountability in my person and practice. As I head into more work around what some may refer to as restorative justice, it’s important to me the people I work with to have a sense of my process around harm I have done in the past.
  2. A protocol that I’ve designed that outlines how I like to navigate relationships within a small, interconnected purpose-driven community. My basic understanding is that by working with me you agree to mutually uphold this protocol in our relationship. Please note, if you don’t feel 100% sure of what it means for you at first that is totally fine – figuring that out together can be part of our initial consultation process.

I understand this might sound like a lot upfront but I truly believe these are important steps in creating a secure foundation to build our relationship on top of.


30minute free consult

60-75 minute consult