Authentic Allyship Coaching Group

From: $20.00


If you desire to be a better ally, in a way that is healthier for both you AND people of colour (POCs), I invite you to join this group and tend to your personal and cultural traumas.

Hi! My name is Tada Hozumi. Amongst many things I am a POC genderqueer body-centred therapist.

I believe that allyship is NOT an obligation, it’s a relationship of mutual nourishment. And like in any relationship, self-compassion must be the foundation.

I created the Authentic Allyship Coaching Group as a safer space to support white allies in building better relationships with POCs, on an individual, communal and cultural level, by having space held for their emotions around racism and colonialism.

I want to let you know, there is no one here asking you to hold back your ‘white tears’. I welcome your vulnerability as a white person. Together we can explore a different kind of allyship that is founded on mutual nourishment, enthusiastic consent, trust, and intimacy.

What we will be working on together: self-awareness and self-regulation

There are two foundations to how I understand allyship as a practice of self-compassion in relationship.

The first foundation is self-awareness: the mindful and non-judgemental witnessing of your personal and cultural traumas. I can help you understand how your childhood pain, and trauma from inheriting whiteness, affects your relationships to POCs, as well as hold space for healing these hurts using body-centred therapy and energy medicine principles.

The second foundation is self-regulation: the ability to soothe your nervous system and manage it’s emotional energies. I believe that as an ally, your emotional self-care can be much more than a way for you to sustain your social justice work – it can, in it of itself, be one of the most important contributions you can make. In this group you will learn why self-regulation is so critical and be given somatic tools to cultivate it.

I believe that, just like in any relationship, working on self-awareness and self-regulation will naturally guide your allyship to a healthier and more compassionate place.


“I have learned so much from Tada already! I perceived the need for a non-judgmental space for white people to discuss racism before I really understood WHY it was so needed. Not only have I learned about what I can do to be a better ally, but I’ve also learned quite a bit of self-care and healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Tada’s mindful/somatic approach is helping me get in touch with where I was burning out and where I can focus energy to be an effective, engaged ally.”


What you get: Facebook group + Video lessons + Video conference calls

By joining this group you will have access to:

  • Non-judgemental call-out free space for you to: connect with like-minded white people and share your thoughts and feelings around racism and whiteness, especially related to the video and written material I will be producing.*
  • Join me on two recorded community video calls per month: 2nd Saturday of the month 10am-11:30am PST / 1-2:30pm ET and 4th Tuesday 6:00-7:30pm PST / 9:00-10:30pm ET.
  • Live and recorded webinars addressing key issues that come up in the group **

* I will be facilitating/participating in this group on a basis that is healthy for me, rather than checking in every hour of the day. This is also so I can be in the best state for being in service to the group. I will be starting with following up on threads minimum twice-a-week.

** Webinars will be produced at a pace of roughly 1 video every 1-2 month(s). The topics of the videos will be sourced from the group itself. Some webinars may also be released as public videos with the members Q&A edited out, but they are bundled for group subscriptions.

Common themes that come up

Here is a list of common themes that come up in our Facebook Group and video calls.

  • Whiteness as cultural trauma that is embodied energetically
  • Exercising self-care when taking in social justice media
  • Protecting yourself from engaging in co-dependent ‘savior complex’
  • How to talk about racism with other white people in an effective way
  • How to create space for your own feelings of grief around racism and white supremacy
  • How to contribute to social change from a place of nourishment, rather than obligation

Are you a white person who wants to share my work on social media?

This is a resource for white people who trust my work and to share it. If you are a POC, it may also be helpful to take a look at.
Helpful tips for white people who want to share my work

How to participate in the group

I ask new registrants to stick to a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Apart from that, HOW you want to participate in the group is up to you. Maybe you will be really active in the Facebook group but won’t have the time to make the video calls. Maybe you have no interest in commenting in the Facebook group but would like to access the video calls and read through posts once in a while.

I understand that everyone’s needs are different. It’s up you to decide what is the healthiest way to participate in the group.

Monthly Fee: Mindful Payment

Like any relationship, healthy allyship is built on vulnerability, trust, and self-awareness. This is why I am offering this group through a pricing model that reflect these principles: Mindful Payment.

I invite you to bring yourself to a place of mindfulness and contribute an amount that nourishes you by filling you with hope, inspiration and other good stuff

UPDATE: The new minimum amount for Mindful Payment access to this group is now set at $20/month as of 11/11/2017.

FAQ on Mindful Payment

Q: I feel embarrassed that I can’t pay an amount I feel you deserve but I want to join the group. What should I do?

A: Money is a powerful agent in our lives and I look at Mindful Payment as an opportunity for you to become aware of your own desires and limits as an ally. No contribution is too small and you can always pay more later if it becomes healthy for you to do so!

If you feel concerned that I won’t make enough money, I can honestly tell you this is something that I worry about too! But, from running many workshops on Mindful Payment, I have noticed the universe has a way of working things out: some people pay more because that is what nourishes them, others pay a smaller amount because that is what is healthy for them.

If you are thinking of not joining because you cannot pay enough, please remember that: 1) your presence itself is a contribution to this community 2) receiving support is a practice, even as an ally 3) you can contribute to me financially in direct ways, such as spreading the word about my work 🙂

I trust your intention, no matter the amount, including situations where you would like to lower your subscription payment, whether it is because you cannot pay more, feel like you are getting less out of the material, or have less availability to engage.

If you would like more assistance, there is a recording of a short visualization exercise, in the payment box below, to help you decide your Mindful Payment amount.

Q: I still don’t know how much to pay. Can you tell me how much you would usually charge for your work?

A: Part of the reason why I don’t provide any tangible guides to pricing is because Mindful Payment is about you really taking the space to tune into what nourishes you. This is a foundation of my allyship nurturance work.

I understand that services like this are usually offered by me setting a monetary value and convincing you that it is worth that amount. To be honest, I had a very difficult setting a price to this group. The more I thought about this, I realized that it is a vulnerable but healthy practice for me to trust that allies will naturally value my work as a POC, when given the freedom to do so.

Your part is trusting that I will accept your contribution from a place of gratitude and non-judgement. Also, you don’t need to get the payment amount perfect! You can always change your payment amount in the future.

If you would like more assistance, there is a recording of a short visualization exercise, in the payment box below, to help you decide your Mindful Payment amount.

If you still feel like you don’t know how much to pay, I invite you to join the group for a low amount that feels safe. You can always increase your subscription later when you know more about the group!

You can change your subscription amount at any time

I understand that your financial well-being, emotional availability, and priorities are all things that are in constant flux. For me too, my ability to put out learning material or be involved in the Facebook group will vary over time.

That’s why I have designed this program so you can change your subscription amount at any time: so we all have space to tune into our needs.

You can do this by going to, selecting your subscription, clicking ‘Change your monthly contribution amount’, and switching your subscription to either Monthly (A) or Monthly (B).

NOTE: It does not matter whether you decide to go with Monthly (A) or Monthly (B). These options are there so you can change your subscription amount after you subscribe.


If you feel unsure about how much you would like to contribute, or experiencing a lot of emotions, here is an audio recording of a short visualization exercise to help you decide your Mindful Payment amount.