Biz ♥ Positive

Business-positive space for good-hearted people


We believe that business can be a natural and pleasurable, mutually nourishing act. 

Biz Positive is a community space for people who are committed to business-positivity, as modelled from the sex-positivity movement. If you have felt the call for entrepreneurship but have struggled with money-shaming and business-shaming, we welcome you wholeheartedly!

We believe in affirming the desire to do business, in it of itself.

We understand the inherent pleasure of business as an integral aspect of creating social change. We trust that our earthly longings can be aligned with our heart's callings and that this is even the most natural way.

There are a few principles for this group:

• We aspire for business to be based on enthusiastic consent.
• We understand the desire to do business as healthy and natural.
• We do not shame making more or less money.

Who am I?

I’m Tada Hozumi. Amongst many other things I am Japanese, queer, a body-mind therapist and an entrepreneur. I'm the primary space holder for the group.

Entrepreneurship can bring us face-to-face with our hurts around money, love, family, ancestry, oppression and many other powerful elements. I belive this is the greatest gift of being in business for yourself - the opportunity to heal and grow. I am inspired to facilitate this transformational process by holding space where your vulnerability, empathy, and smarts as an entrepreneur are seen as one.

I will be available for 1-on-1 and group calls for business-centred therapy.

Who are you?

You're heart is in the place and you love business.

If you have had a hard time finding an un-shaming space that embraces your wholeness as an entrepreneur, you've come to the right place!

What is this group for?

• Sharing feels
• Talking shop
• Getting feedback on projects
• Providing and reciecing information on resources

All of you is welcome!


This group is in a total pilot stage and I iterate fast! Just so you know.


Regular participation is an ongoing requirement to be part of the group.

Here are some ways you can participate:
• Liking/commenting people's posts
• Starting threads
• Reaching out to each other 1-on-1
• Giving feedback to the administrator (that's me!)

Money stuff

Right now there is no cost to the group. There will likely be some kind of monetization in the future. I am not sure how. It will really depend on how the group develops.

I'm a therapist so I will likely be offering 1-on-1 and group business-centred therapy calls for a fee or free depending on how my business model develops.

What would you be intersted in offering?

It would be awesome to have trusted group members, especially early adopters, form a support team or ad hoc consulting team.


This group is hosted on the Slack platform. If you haven't used it before, it's great! It's a community platform with private messaging and posting but without the distraction of a social media platform like Facebook. I started using it and it really helped me boost my productivity!

Apply to join!

Please e-mail me at with a brief description of why you would like to join this group so that we can arrange a video conference meeting to see if we vibe :) If someone in the group is referring you please let us know who it is!