Social change through nurturing self-compassion

Hi, I'm Tada Hozumi. As a body-centred therapist, I help folks align their love for others with their love for themselves.

If you feel burnt out from the constant stress of call-outs and emotional labour that is prevasive in social justice communities, I want to let you know that A) You're not alone B) It's OK and a healthy response. We come to the world of activism of wanting to create change for the better.

But there is a HUGE problem: We can never have perfect control of the world.

This is why focusing on 'fixing' creates unncessary suffering. The truth is that our need to fix often comes from past experiences of pain where we felt terrified and powerless, such as childhood.

I help social justice aware people heal so that they can do their work from a place of compassion for self and others, rather than fear.


My rate for 1-on-1 is $80-120 USD. You can also book me as a small group of 5-15 for $200-400 USD for 2 hours.

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