A cultural somatic reader on whiteness, trauma, and allyship (includes free webinar)

This is a compilation of selected articles that I’ve written over the last four years, plus a free webinar, on the subjects of whiteness, trauma, and allyship.

Particularly, within these works, you will be introduced to what we call a ‘cultural somatic‘ framework, a constellation of ideas pivoted around the fundamental principle that groups of people i.e. cultures are in fact bodies. In this framework, oppressions such as white supremacy are understood as manifestations of traumas held in our collective nervous systems, which in turn become embodied in our cultural systems.

One of the reasons why we believe this frame is so valuable for building the future is because it naturally allows you to extend the individualistic vocabulary of Western/White psychotherapy to apply to cultural complexes such as white supremacy. If you have started to work on your own healing already, looking at your neurobiology and attachment behaviors, cultural somatics allows you to naturally transition all those learnings into a larger cultural healing that will also deepen your personal journey.

This is important to me because I have found that when folks become newly introduced to social justice discourse and its terminologies, as useful as it can be, they tend to become mentally overwhelmed and develop a dissonance between their healing and anti-oppression journeys. I believe that this framework of cultural somatics can provide you with an alternative/complementary frame that will help you digest some of those incongruences if there are any there.

Hope you enjoy the material and that it serves your journey of healing racial-cultural trauma!

SUPPORTING MY WORK: While I truly do not seek anything in return, if you identify as white and find that it is enlivening for you to support my work financially, please feel free to send me a contribution here.

On allyship

White supremacy is dying, and we are grieving

The reality of white anger and why we need healing spaces for white people

How do our allies deserve to be treated?

Whiteness as trauma

Whiteness as cultural complex trauma

What it means to heal white supremacy: restoring the cultural nervous system, cultivating Hara

The key to healing whiteness is understanding cultural somatic context

The cultural somatic paradox: why we struggle to understand each other

Free Webinar: Whiteness as Trauma in the Body

Extra readings on whiteness and relationships

Boundaries and the body: how our sense of space is shaped by our embodied state

The connection between Heart-centredness, burnout and colonization

Finally, a special thanks to Dare Sohei (https://bodyaltar.org/), who has been a big part of the development of this body of work. This work would not be the same without their collaboration over the last few years of my practice.

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